Your child is in caring hands





We provide care for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in addition to an after-school service for older children. Here every child is at the heart of their unique educational experience. We nurture, encourage and inspire children to enjoy the natural world in all its beauty and magnificence here in the Wexford countryside. Our outdoor spaces provide invaluable opportunities to learn and discover.

Children’s opinions and ideas matter to us. We encourage them to move forward in their own way at their own pace. Children develop language skills, learn the foundations of maths and cultivate thinking skills. Our beautiful spaces communicate harmony, respect and a warm welcome. A true home from home.


What your child can expect at Carraig Briste and Killegney

Muddy Puddles

Growing Fruit and Veg

Experiences and opportunities

Friendship and Fun

What you as parents/guardians can expect from Carraig Briste and Killegney

Happy children

Genuine warm relationships

Emphasis on Family

Opportunity for your child to learn and grow

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